Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700)

The California Political Reform Act requires every local government agency to adopt a Conflict of Interest Code (“COI Code”). The COI Code designates positions within the City required to file Statements of Economic Interests and assigns disclosure categories specifying the types of financial interests to be reported. Further, the Political Reform Act contains specific provisions setting forth any circumstances under which designated positions or categories of designated positions must disqualify themselves from making, participating in the making, or using their official position to influence the making of any decision. 

Certain officials, including the Mayor, members of the City Council, candidates for City offices, members of the Planning Commission, City Manager, City Attorney, and City Treasurer are statutorily required to file disclosure statements pursuant to Government Code Section 87200 (commonly known as “87200 filers”). The City’s COI Code and list of designated positions supplements these statutory requirements by including employees, consultants, and members of City advisory bodies who are not 87200 filers.  View the City's Conflict of Interest Code.

The filing of Statements of Economic Interest forms are managed through the Office of the City Clerk.



The Political Reform Act (Gov. Code sections 8100091014) requires most state and local government officials and employees to publicly disclose their personal assets and income. They also must disqualify themselves from participating in decisions which may affect their personal economic interests.

Statements of Economic Interests are public documents. Any member of the public may inspect and copy any statement. Forms must be available as soon as possible during the agency's regular business hours, but in any event not later than the second business day after the statement is received.

Use the Public Portal to view filed Statements of Economic Interests.   For prior year statements, please contact the City Clerk's office.

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The Filer Access Portal is a web-based, data entry filing system that allows individuals to submit their Statement of Economic Interests disclosure reports mandated by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) to the Electronic Filing System free of charge.

Use the Filer Access Portal to create SEI statements for e-filing and creating paper copies to file with your Filing Liaison.

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We are happy to assist you. Please contact the City Clerk's Office at 805-473-5400.