Advisory Bodies

Advisory Body Members

There are five members on each of the city's advisory bodies. All members must be qualified electors of the City of Arroyo Grande, except members of the Downtown Parking Advisory Board, who may live outside the city but must own a business in the Downtown Parking District. The members are appointed by the City Council. Prior to serving, appointees are sworn in by the City Clerk. Advisory body members are also designated officials in the City's Conflict of Interest Code and have economic interest filing requirements pursuant to the Political Reform Act.

In addition, in 2013, the City Council formed the Arroyo Grande Tourism Business Improvement District (AGTBID) and appointed an Advisory Board. The membership of the AGTBID Board consist of owners of lodging businesses within the AGTBID or others with knowledge of tourism and/or the lodging industry.

Duties & Responsibilities

Advisory bodies have the authority and duty to consider, advise, and/or recommend to the City Council or city manager regarding its area of interest. These recommendations may encompass, but are not limited to, programming of improvements, land acquisition, development or ordinances, and development of public interest. The advisory bodies shall have other authorities and duties as the City Council may, by ordinance or resolution, confer upon it.


In all cases each advisory body elects its own chairperson, who will serve in that position for a period of one year beginning on the day designated in its bylaws. The chairperson is not authorized to serve for more than two consecutive terms on any one advisory body.

Meeting Agendas

As an aid to orderly and efficient conduct of these meetings, an agenda is prepared in advance of each meeting by the city staff member assigned to the advisory body. The agenda normally includes citizens' communications, public hearings, and advisory board members' consideration on matters referred to them by the City Council, City Manager, and City staff.  To view the agenda and minutes of current and past meetings, please visit the Agenda Center.

Supporting Materials

Staff members prepare supporting documents and materials, which are submitted to the advisory board members with their agenda in advance of meetings. It is the responsibility of advisory board members to familiarize themselves with such information. If necessary, they should make field visits to areas where situations are under consideration prior to meetings, in order to be fully prepared to discuss, evaluate, and act on matters brought before the advisory body at its next regular meeting.

Professional & Civic Groups

The City of Arroyo Grande has professional and civic groups whose assistance can be secured. Almost always such groups can be expected to respond to an invitation to designate members to serve on an advisory committee to help the City Council work out a plan for some project of direct interest to it. Usually such advisory committees are not permanent, but are appointed to assist with some specific project or plan. The City Council welcomes ideas and appreciates the support a well-selected advisory committee can produce.

Current Vacancies

The City is accepting applications for the following: 

Arroyo Grande Tourism Business Improvement District (AGTBID) Advisory Board

How to Serve

Download and print an application (PDF) today for serving on a city commission, committee, or board.

State law and the City’s Conflict of Interest Code requires that Board Members, Committee Members, and Commissioners file Statements of Economic Interests (Form 700) upon assuming office, annually, and upon leaving an appointed office (e.g. sources of income, loans, gifts, investments, interests in real property within the City).  For more information about these disclosure requirements, visit the Fair Political Practices Commission website.

Current Boards, Commissions, and Committees Local Appointments List (PDF)