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  • How to Apply

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    2. Thank you for you interest in employment with the City of Arroyo Grande!

    3. The City of Arroyo Grande accepts applications only when there is a posted job vacancy. To view available jobs, please click the link below. A separate application for each positions is required, and applicants must specify for which they are applying. In addition, we will only accept applications submitted through this website. Paper applications will not be accepted.

    4. The City of Arroyo Grande is an equal opportunity employer. The law prohibits discrimination because of age, sex, religion, race, color, marital status, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, or any legally protected status and requires affirmative action in the hiring of disabled and veterans. If you need assistance in completing this application, please let us know.

    5. The first paragraph should indicate why you are writing the letter, the job opening you are applying for, and how you heard about the opening. Usually consists of 2-3 sentences. The second paragraph should state why you want to work for the City, what specific skills you have that qualify you for the position, relevant training, previous experience which makes you stand out above the rest, and why you are looking for a job. Focus on your skills, education, experience, and character. Usually consists of 3-5 sentences. The third paragraph should restate your interest in the position. Remind the reader of your phone number and state that you look forward to meeting with them. Thank the reader for their time and consideration.

    6. The application can be found by clicking the link below. All applications must be completed in full. Because the initial screening is based on the completed application, it is very important to include all information requested. Putting "see résumé" will not be accepted. Once completed, save a copy of the application to your computer.

    7. Attaching a résumé is recommended but not required. Regardless, résumés cannot be substituted for the application.