What notifications will I receive about this project?

State Law and the Arroyo Grande Municipal Code have provisions for public hearing notifications regarding projects such as this. Given anticipated neighborhood interest regarding the proposal, City staff provided notification to property owners within 300 feet of the project site earlier than required by either State Law or the Municipal Code to begin informing the public about the proposal. Additional notices will be mailed to property owners in the neighborhood as the project proceeds to the Planning Commission, tentatively scheduled in October, and City Council, tentatively scheduled in November. Additionally, notices will be sent when the environmental documentation required under the California Environmental Quality Act is prepared and available for public review and comment.

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1. What is the project that is proposed?
2. Has this project already been approved?
3. What notifications will I receive about this project?
4. How can I review the project plans?
5. I don’t live in the neighborhood but want to be kept informed on the project, what are my options?