Housing Element

The Housing Element of the General Plan provides both an analysis of the City’s housing needs and a set of policies and programs the City will implement to demonstrate that the City can accommodate its Regional Housing Needs Allocation for the eight-year planning period.

The Public Draft of the Housing Element is now available! View it here.

2020 Update Process

The City of Arroyo Grande is working on an update to the Housing Element, due for completion by December 31, 2020. Periodic updates of the Housing Element are required by the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to assure that local governments strive to meet the State’s housing goals.

What is the Housing Element?

The Housing Element is a required Element of the General Plan and includes goals and objectives to achieve housing for all economic segments of the community, including affordable housing.

The City of Arroyo Grande seeks to create policies that provide opportunities for the development of housing to meet local demand. An effective housing element provides the appropriate conditions for developing and preserving a healthy supply of housing for the entire community, while reducing constraints where possible.


A public draft of the Housing Element is now available to the public as of mid-September. Following a public comment period the draft will be presented to the Planning Commission for comments in October. A final draft will be taken to City Council for adoption in November.  

How You Can Help

Residents and local stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the update process. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, public participation and outreach will be restricted to teleconference and various online resources.

For more information, please contact Andrew Perez, Associate Planner at aperez@arroyogrande.org or (805) 473-5425.